Brainfood I

There are many quotes and sayings. Some inspirational, other motivating, many annoying, many more never spoken by the person attributed to. But regardless of origin, there are always some sayings who influence ones thoughts or create new ones, sometimes even destroying whole ideas.

Risk more thoughts

Maybe it is time to blog more. But what is there to blog? There is a lot to blog. There is a lot to talk about. There are many thoughts. But there is a problem with those thoughts.

Is Big Data Science?

The Elevate festival taking place in Graz every year always provides a lot of food for the brain. This year it was all about data, and the algorithms processing it.


Ever since I am involved into different “IT security” contexts, I regularly stumbled upon Capture the Flag (CTF). CTF is a special kind of information security competitions.

Blogging in English?

Since an increasingly large part of my community / filter bubble is not from the German-speaking parts of the world, I will from now on try to blog in English.